Saturday, 18 April 2009

this nite was scary me!

hye.i dun now why this nite make me so scary.i saw many things that will make me wanna...Damn it!i can't explain when that thing comes to me rite now.i have to reopen my room's door to let my fren see me inside.beside that i am dying alone in the room!it just 12.58 am...still young nite and all my fren just watching the television even the final exam is just around the corner.
i dated with him that nite.just after that i saw the thing.he said maybe that thing comes to me from him.a transformation process from him to me.that wasn't scared me either.i am cool babe.ya i hope that very damn much.
i dun even study tonite.just because i feel not good.thinking when this shit will go away permanently from my life.shit!fuck you


cahaya bulan said...

salam.. Yun.. ko der masalah ker.. pressure nk exam ya.. apa2pun jaga diri lek lok k... life must go on.. i know u r a good gal..:)

yunakira said...

cahaya bulan>>>ni aku.hehehe