Tuesday, 14 April 2009

being a backstabbers is such a good feelin...

sometimes we used to be a backstabber in our friends' life.what a choke!but sumetime people doesn't undestand what is the real story of the people who are called "backstabber"...don't simply judge people by what is he or she is doin.in the other side people should think of the better sense and positively result arising from the backstabber incident.

better action is dun be a backstabber unless u are force to do that!ok?
for those who are experienced be as a backstabber before, for sure u having agood time with it huh.what a shame of u.but nice try...sometimes people doesn't know what u are thinking about.but i am very sure that there is something positive by being a backstabber.i said because before this a person who is being my good friends somehow called me a "backstabber"!!!